Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Charismatic character, firm in decisions, extremely energetic, enthusiasm, innovative, full of courage, quick – witted, holds very strong and firm views objectively, strong and determined active mind, very courage type and always full of new ideas, a highly original thinker setting up new ventures or full of enthusiasm for business plan, project or scheme.

They love to challenge in life and will get involved in almost anything that is exciting, future potential or schemes concerning imagination. The tiger is the creature which prepares to take any type of risk and does not like to be bound or dictates by others.

Always love to act freely as it chooses and will probably or during its life time throwing caution to the wind wandering off to do its focus object because having somewhat a restless nature. Even though they are often prepared to throw themselves wholeheartedly into a project, their initial enthusiasm can soon pissed off if they discovered other things that seems to be more appealing.

The Tiger can also be rather impulsive in life and occasionally acts in some awkward manners which they will regret later. Only if they can think carefully about ways and means through or prepare to preserve in many of their planning, activities and schemes which will enable them to enjoy much greater degree of success.

Fortunately, they are lucky in their enterprises, but should the plan did not work out as it seems to be, than The Tiger easily gets depressed and often takes a long time to recover. Their life is full of ups and downs or crisis crossing their path to obstruct their way of success.

Although The Tiger is however very adaptable, its adventurous spirits prevents them to stay at same place for, in other words they like to change jobs or environments. At the early stages of their life, more than often, they will be changing jobs or moving around from place to place.

It is good and easy to make dealings with The Tiger because of their open mind and honest nature but hates any sort of hypocrisy or falsehood. This creature known to be very blunt at times when they faced with dishonest people and forthright has no hesitation in speaking their mind out without fear.

Rightfully, The Tiger can be rebellious at times, especially against any form of petty authority, thus this can lead to many conflicts with others and seldom shrink from any sort of argument or avoid standing up for what they believes were right.

Due to their born natural leadership character, The Tiger can easily rise to the top of their chosen career in life and never cares about for anything too bureaucratic or in detailed, and will not obey orders. Being stubborn and obstinate throughout their life, they retain some certain amount of independence in their actions but will be held for their responsibilities to no one only themselves.

The Tiger likes to consider that all their achievements are due to their own efforts and seldom ask for support from others if they can avoid it. Ironically though of their self confidence and strong leadership qualities, they can be indecisive at times and often delay making final or major decisions until the very last moment.

They are spendthrift although capable of earning huge sums of money and do not really know how to manage their funds to the best of usage. Occasionally buying and showering lavish gifts to their friends and relatives.

Image or reputation is all important to The Tiger with their air of dignity, authority love being in the centre of public attention and is very adept at attracting publicity, both for themselves and also for causes that they support.

Tiger character often marries at young age, will be compatible best suited to those born under the signs of Pig, Dog, Horse and Goat, can do well with The Rat, Rabbit, and Rooster but will find The Ox, Snake being too seriously quiet towards their liking.
They seldom get along well with The Monkey, being rather mischievous or inquisitive manner, will find difficulty in relation with The Dragon or another Tiger because both of these creature will want to dominate their relationship without compromising even to the slightest or smallest matter.

The female Tiger is lively, witty and a remarkable marvellous hostess at parties or social gatherings and always taking care of their personal appearance to look attractive. They can be very dotting Mother which allows their children having amble freedom upbringing, can be excellent teacher and will ensure that their children are well bought up without wanting anything else.

The Tigress like her male counterpart participate in lots of activities, loves independence or freedom to do things her way but will also care much for her children because they have the most caring and generous nature.

Finally, The Tiger has many commendable qualities with their honest, courageous character more than often a source of inspiration to some others, and provided they can curb the wilder excesses of their restless nature, will certainly lead a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle.